HVTDC Announces BIG Changes

We are excited to announce that the Hudson Valley Technology Development Center (HVTDC) is rebranding!

HVTDC is now doing business as the Manufacturing and Technology Enterprise Center (MTEC)! We are taking our company to a new level with a fresh face and new opportunities. Change is good – and we are certainly undergoing a lot of it! We have moved to a larger facility in Highland, NY (our first big endeavor) and we are taking this opportunity to roll out a newly designed website and monthly newsletter complete with new name, logo and tagline!

We are the same great company just with a whole new look and feel. For 28 years, HVTDC has been serving the needs of Hudson Valley manufacturers and start-up enterprises. We are still offering our tried and true core services such as Lean Application Implementation, Supply Chain Optimization and Manufacturing Process Development (to name a few) but we are excited to announce the expansion of our New Product Development and Commercialization offering thanks to our larger engineering lab and robust “Project to Work” Internship Program!

The Manufacturing and Technology Enterprise Center (MTEC) tagline is, “catalysts for pro·ac·tive companies”. By dictionary definition, the word proactive means “creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.”

This tagline frames our client base because we look for companies who are driven and on a path to grow and improve their business. We do our best work with companies who are open to change, seek continuous improvement and respond to customer needs thru new and enhanced products and services.

Our services have been re-categorized for simplicity. Since we have such a diverse team and talents to assist our clients, we have created four main areas of competence: Management Consulting, Technology, Engineering, and Continued Strategic Innovation (MTEC).

As mentioned above, MTEC upgraded its corporate office in July. We moved from approximately 3500 sf in Newburgh, NY to 5000 sf in Highland, NY as tenants in the Prism Solar Technologies 90,000 sf manufacturing facility on South Street. There were many reasons for this move! The additional space allows us to expand our engineering and prototype lab from approximately 250 sf to over 1250 sf, while providing adequate space to accommodate our expanding college intern program.

The facility has additional space that is available to our clients, start-ups as well as expanding established companies at/or below prevailing market rates. Through our partner, SUNY New Paltz, the facility was designated as a START UP NY site in May 2016, thereby making eligible tenant companies able to participate in the START UP program. In addition, this move allowed MTEC to be physically located closer to the SUNY New Paltz campus, making it easier and more feasible for additional students to participate in the SUNY NP/MTEC “Project to Work” Internship Program.

We continue to be affiliated with the NIST MEP (National Institute of Science and Technology Manufacturing Extension Partnership) and NYSSTI (NYS Division of Science, Technology and Innovation) thru our designation as the Mid-Hudson Regional NYMEP Center.

We hope you enjoy all of our new improvements and, as always, call upon us for any of your business needs!