Jamming Outside the Boxx

My Music Machines, Inc. (MMMI) has spawned a revolutionary device,
the trademarked Jamboxx, a hands-free electronic instrument capable of playing
over 100 sounds or styles through its exclusive software. The product was
specifically designed to ensure that those with physical or cognitive
disabilities are able to utilize a musical instrument.

The device was created by David Whalen and
Michael DiCesare. Whalen, a quadriplegic since the age of 19 after suffering a
ski injury, conceived of the novel idea and began creating a harmonica-like
device that attaches to a computer. Working with MMMI’s own software as well as
other digital music software and programs used to create art, the Jamboxx allows
people with limited mobility to create music through sipping and puffing
motions. This enables users to create as many as 20 musical notes on dozens of
digitized instruments using only the device, a computer, and their breath. Whalen
and DiCesare received a patent for the product two years ago, and almost instant
interest was expressed by disabled people,
musicians, music therapists, and DJs.

While originally
developed to provide disabled users the opportunity for creative expression, the
Jamboxx now applies to a much wider range of
consumers. Given the demand and versatility of the instrument, MMMI is expanded
its market with interest from schoolteachers, musicians simply looking to
experiment with different sounds, and everyday people eager to take up a new

The project
was partially funded by the New York State Trade Adjustment Assistance Center
(NYS TAAC), and aided by engineers at the Hudson Valley Technology Development
Center (HVTDC). Helping to redesign the original model, Bob Incerto, HVTDC
Senior Engineer, altered and reconstructed its components to include a Bluetooth
4.0/LE board, going from USB-powered to wireless. Before assisting MMMI in
obtaining a Workforce Development Institute (WDI) grant, Bob and his staff provided support
on hardware and circuit board design, 3D prototyping, product development, and
assistance in acquiring source materials. Now they are expanding from a product
focused solely on the disabled community to its current model drawing mass
market appeal.

“We are
excited about the opportunity to bring this product to the mass market,” stated
DiCesare, Co-Founder and President of My Music Machines. “With the help and
dedication of HVTDC, we were able to define our manufacturing process, reduce
costs, and make the project come to life.”

“From the
project’s inception, we were excited to work on a product that is not only
technically innovative, but brings the joy of music to everyone,” added Bob

learn more about Jamboxx and My Music Machines, Inc., visit their website at
http://www.jamboxx.com. For more information on product development,
3D prototyping, and WDI funding, contact Bob Incerto at 845-391-8214 ext. 3017
or at