April 2017

For April, we have the first part in, “How to Keep Your Supply Chain From Killing You”. Learn about how a purchasing culture that does not live by the principles of Lean, and depends on long, thin supply chains, can kill a business. Finally we close our 5S series with the last and most important step, the “Sustain” step, which will solidify the previous steps for the long term.

March 2017

This month, read about why close to half of small to medium sized manufacturing firms cite employee recruitment as a major issue. We also go over the fourth step in the 5S blog series titled, “Standardize”, which will help companies make the first three steps a natural part of their daily routines. Also, check out the infographic with facts about manufacturing and its contributions.

February 2017

February’s newsletter features an article by Steven L. Blue, “Why Smart Manufacturing is a Dumb Idea”. Blue writes about why he believes smart manufacturing only plays a small part in the salvation of American manufacturing, but what plays a much larger role, is the “smart workforce”. Following last month’s 5s step is the third, the “Shine” step. Also read success stories about startups and small manufacturers!

January 2017

For our January newsletter we’ve highlighted some of the exciting accomplishments of the 2016 year. Also, read about the second step in our 5S blog series, “Set in Order”, learn how to create a more optimized workspace and what is required from you to get there.


December 2016

December’s issues features a story in which MTEC assisted Spectral Systems, a leader in precise optical components, coatings, and systems integration, perform more efficiently and enhance the overall quality of their product. Following their success is an introduction to 5S, the first “S” to help you optimize your workplace.

November 2016

This month features a success story with Selux Corportation, a high-end manufacturer of Architectural Luminaires, who were trained and assisted with the implementation of using Lean Six Sigma techniques through David Tooker’s, “Do, Train, Educate” approach. In addition, what you need to know about value stream mapping.

October 2016

HVTDC announces rebranding as MTEC showcasing their new facilities in Highland, New York.


June 2016

In this addition of the HVTDC newsletter, continue reading our Lean blog series with our featured post about Lean accounting and Lean sales. Also included are long term business and technology growth tactics, information about our Food & Beverage Initiative, and our success story about EAW and Stauber.

May 2016

In May’s addition of the HVTDC newsletter, we have featured articles about Lean standardized work as well as part four of our “Bringing Technology to Your Business” blog series regarding management reporting systems with custom design and off-the-shelf software. This newsletter also mentioned Sigmund Cohn Corp’s gold status.

April 2016

This month, we feature our Lean blog series, featuring an article about Quality at the Source. In addition, we talk about the psychology behind 5S and a tidy workspace and “6 Ways to Boost Manufacturing Performance.” Touching on collaboration and diversification, we also included an interesting article about how sales and operations can win more together.