June 2016

In this addition of the HVTDC newsletter, continue reading our Lean blog series with our featured post about Lean accounting and Lean sales. Also included are long term business and technology growth tactics, information about our Food & Beverage Initiative, and our success story about EAW and Stauber.

May 2016

In May’s addition of the HVTDC newsletter, we have featured articles about Lean standardized work as well as part four of our “Bringing Technology to Your Business” blog series regarding management reporting systems with custom design and off-the-shelf software. This newsletter also mentioned Sigmund Cohn Corp’s gold status.

April 2016

This month, we feature our Lean blog series, featuring an article about Quality at the Source. In addition, we talk about the psychology behind 5S and a tidy workspace and “6 Ways to Boost Manufacturing Performance.” Touching on collaboration and diversification, we also included an interesting article about how sales and operations can win more together.

March 2016

HVTDC’s March publication of our newsletter features Lean Part VI regarding visual systems in the workplace. We have also continued our “Bringing Technology to Your Business” blog series, writing about new product development and “6 Crucial Steps to a Successful Sales Process for Manufacturers.” Finally, this month we’ve also featured an article about Value Steam Mapping, which can be applied to any process within a facility.

February 2016

In this addition of the HVTDC newsletter, we feature part five of our Lean Implementation blog series, “Demystifying Kanban.” We also begin our “Bringing Technology to Your Business” blog series about analysis and improvement of technology in your field. Other articles featured include our success story about Fala Technologies and a Lean sales approach article.

January 2016

In our January newsletter, HVTDC addresses total productive maintenance within our Lean blog series. We also introduce a new series entitled, “Bringing Technology to Your Business” and explain what this series will include. We’ve also featured stories about Hawkins, Inc. acquiring Stauber performance ingredients and a company profile on GTI Graphic Technology Inc.

December 2015

This month, HVTDC published articles including setup and benefits in lead-time reduction and increased customer responsiveness. We have also featured stories about Metallized Carbon Corporation and their efforts in setup reduction. Finally, read more about how internships are paying off for Hudson Valley Manufacturers.

November 2015

HVTDC’s November publication includes an in depth explanation of MEP and exactly what it means for our clients. We mention the 350 NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) locations across the United States. Our featured article this month discusses a practical approach to 5S, a workplace organization method.

October 2015

In this addition of HVTDC’s monthly newsletter, we feature an article explaining Value Stream Mapping and Lean Management and how manufacturers can take advantage of these techniques. We also discuss inventory carrying cost influences and supply chain management. Finally, read about “6 Steps to Help You Get Started in Exporting,” in this month’s publication.

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