Management Consulting

  • Supply Chain Optimization and Management: Our team can analyze your current supply chain, examine its efficiency, and develop recommendations on how to optimize. MTEC offers assistance in the management of a flow of your business’ goods or services including movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-progress inventory and finished goods from start to selling point.

  • Alternative Sourcing and Sub-contracting: Improve and analyze your purchasing and shipping activities, optimize your supply base, and accelerate new product launches by our alternative sourcing services. We establish partnerships with external resources while ensuring intellectual property protection to help your business reduce costs. If your business is struggling with production capacity, MTEC will assist in sub-contracting to help you expand with the same high expectations for production practices.

  • Technology Planning and Evaluation: Technology planning is the process of planning the technical evolution of a program or system to achieve its future vision or end-state. Our team follows trends and industry developments to help your business prepare for and embrace new industry changes.

  • Recruiting and Training: Our seasoned leaders are passionate about forming bonds with your team from executives to new hires and providing them with the tools and resources necessary to succeed. We specialize in executive coaching, understanding that it can get ‘lonely at the top.’


  • Manufacturing Process Development and Automation: Our team can optimize your current manufacturing equipment and also build custom automation solutions for your products. We specialize in Wireless and Web based systems, ensuring your technology is up to date and assisting your business in system development. We focus on increasing productivity and reducing costs.

  • IT/ERP Selection and Implementation: Our technical team applies management software that integrates multiple applications to increase managerial precision.

  • Food Safety Certification: Our team uses methods to ensure that foods meet science-based safety standards so you can be confident and certified when you distribute your products. We keep on top of trends and offer certification seminars through our food and beverage initiative.

  • Quality Management Systems (QMS) & ISO certification: Our LAT certified professionals have demonstrated the specific competencies to provide QMS consulting, auditing, and direct ISO services. Keeping your business ISO certified ensures your product and services are safe and of great quality. Proper application of this tool saves businesses money, increases productivity, and opens access to new market opportunities.


  • New Product Development and Commercialization: We eliminate product design errors, manufacturing challenges, technical barriers or pricing uncertainty by creating and prototyping a new product in house. We have a team of engineers of various backgrounds who tackles new challenges from development to commercialization. Our team uses advanced market research to assist in introducing new products to market.

  • Lean Application Implementation: A business is a living organism that needs continuous improvement and evaluation. We provide a powerful combination of techniques to increase a business’ performance, based on the concepts of eliminating waste and adding value by evaluating and updating a business’ work outline.

  • Sustainability: We find the best methods for pollution prevention, energy reduction, and alternative energy solutions. We evaluate your manufacturing process and increase efficiency while reducing excess material use. We can help companies go green with renewable energy that will not disrupt your business.

Continued Strategic Innovation

  • Business Assessment and Planning: Our team will identify and analyze your business needs and determine solutions. We deliver a detailed assessment of your strengths and recommended area of focus. We assist in an organization’s process of defining its strategy or direction and then planning on the best methods to allocate the resources to pursue this strategy. MTEC can review and recommend improved methods of strategic planning based on a thorough review of your company and industry.

  • Market Assessment and Growth: When your business generates a new product or idea, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement. We provide a detailed evaluation of the potential of a new product, idea, or investment. By conducting a comprehensive analysis of environment forces, market trends, entry barriers, competition, risks, opportunities, and your company’s resources and constraints.

  • Sales & Marketing Assistance: Whether you are a startup or established business, sales and marketing is the lifeblood of your organization. We help companies define clear KPIs and construct a unique execution plan of multiple marketing and sales tactics based on your specific industry and target market.